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The Garden Groom Pro

The Garden Groom Pro hedge trimmer is a fairly recent and cutting edge development within the gardening sector.  This electric hedge trimmer is becoming renown for its many benefits and features. Its ability to perform multiple tasks associated with hedge trimming makes it one of the most convenient garden tools on the market. The Garden Groom hedge cutter delivers high quality hedge clipper results while ensuring optimal safety, convenience and ease of use. This highly acclaimed electric hedge trimmer absorbs all the strenuous work which leads to back and joint pain. Thousands have benefitted from the Garden Groom Pro and , in turn, have managed to prolong their passion for gardening by preserving the health of their back and joints.

The Professional Barber for your Hedges!
Garden Groom Pro Benefits

  • The Garden Groom performs and replaces the tasks of bending, raking, hauling and bagging.
  • The Garden Groom operates on electricity so there is no messy gas and oil to contend with.
  • The in-built safety features of the garden groom ensure that your safety is preserved.
  • The Garden Groom collects all the clippings from your hedge cutting.
  • The Garden Groom not only stores your hedge clippings but also shreds it into a fertile composting mulch that  that can be used to enhance the health of your garden or alternatively be easily discarded.
  • The Garden Groom is accompanied by a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee and Lifetime Blade Warranty

Buy the Garden Groom online and receive the three Free Bonus Gardening Accessories.
  • The Mega Bag that can connect to your Garden Groom and exponentially increase the capacity of the onboard storage bin and hold the trimmings from your whole yard.
  • The Weed Claw Gardening Kit
  • The Bulb Drill

90 Day Money Back Guarantee
Lifetime Blade Warranty
Enhanced Safety Features
Collects and Mulches
The Free Bonuses Are Not Available in Stores. So buy your Garden Groom online Today!